Astropay – Honest 2023 Review


AstroPay – What is AstroPay?

AstroPay is a world-wide payment solution. Since their service’s establishment in 2009, which primarily serves clients from Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe, they have been providing online payment solutions. It allows users to transact with more than 200 payment methods. AP Global Corporation LLP has authorized in accordance with the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It has two headquarters in the UK and the Latin America.

With the help of AstroPay, consumers can swiftly and safely transact in local currencies or US dollars and will be able to make deposits and withdrawals from their preferred online sites using their local payment methods. From a single AstroPay account, you can manage several different credit cards, including AstroPay Card, Google Pay, Visa, and MasterCard.

It supports many currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, THB, CNY, VND MYR, INR, AED, MXN, NGN, IDR, AUD, CLP, BRL and many more.

How to register an account

Creating an AstroPay account is the simplest one in comparison to other eWallets. It only requires an active mobile phone number to register an account. Follow the step-by-step guideline to create an AstroPay account.

1. Go to the website of AstroPay and click on the “Sign in” button at the upper right corner of the page.

2. It will redirect you to the sign-up page if you don’t have an account. You have to select your country code and provide your phone number to start registering your account.

3. AstroPay will send a verification code to your given number, so provide an active number and paste the code to the next page.

4. After verifying your phone number, a dialog box will appear to enter your promo code if you have any. You can click on “Continue without promo code” if you don’t have one.

5. Create a strong password which you can use to log in to your account. However, if you want to log in using the OTP (One-time password) sent every time to your phone number when logging in, you can skip the password selection process.

6. Then you have to give some personal details of yourself such as name, birthdate, email, and an identification number of your driving license or passport. Note that you can skip giving this information and always complete this information later by going to “My account” and then “My info”.

After registering your account, you will get 20 Astrocoins that is used to avail different rewards based on the loyalty level of your account.

Astropay – Loyalty Levels

Users of AstroPay who utilize the system correctly and frequently are rewarded via the Loyalty Program. Users reach higher levels and have access to more and better advantages as they accomplish various tasks. A Total of 5 loyalty levels are available for the users of AstroPay, including Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Users will be placed in the Standard level automatically after creating the account. Then they can promote their levels to Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum after completing some “tasks” related to purchase and frequency of use.

Benefits of the Different Levels

  • Users will get Astrocoins on their deposit in every level.
  • Users will get a $50, $200, and $500 gift in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum level respectively.
  • Users will get priority in customer support in the Gold and Platinum level.
  • Users will get a dedicated account manager in the Platinum level.
Standard level

Automatically upon the successful account registration.

Bronze level
  • (1) Average purchase of $200 during the last 60 days.
  • (2) Verification of user’s identity using the national identity card or driving license.
Silver level
  • 2 months of using AstroPay.
  • Average purchases of $3,000 over the 2 months.
  • Verification of address and the source of funds to proof their financial capacity.
Gold level
  • 3 months of using AstroPay.
  • Average purchases of $8,000 in the last 60 days.
  • Need to complete a survey.
Platinum level
  • 6 months as an AstroPay user.
  • Average purchase of $15,000 over the past 90 days.
  • Upgradation of the source of funds.

Per Day Transaction Limits

  • Standard level: A daily purchasing limit of $200 is available.
  • Bronze level: A daily purchasing limit of $500 is available.
  • Silver level: A daily purchasing limit of $2000 is available in this level.
  • Gold level: A daily purchasing limit of $4000 is available.
  • Platinum level: A daily purchasing limit of $5000 is available in this level

How To Add Funds to The Astropay Wallet

It’s quite easy to add money to your AstroPay Wallet! Just adhere to these simple

  1. Go to the AstroPay website or the mobile app and log in to your account.
  2. After logging in to your account, click on the “Money” section and users will find an option “Add Funds”. Click on it.
  3. Select your preferred currency and amount of the money you want to add to your wallet. There will be some suggested amounts, but by selecting “Custom amount,” you can also set a certain balance.
  4. Choose the payment option you prefer from those that are listed on your screen. (Payment Methods will be discussed in the next section)
  5. Pay attention to the payment guidelines and wait for the confirmation. Your money will be available in your wallet and ready to use as soon as the payment is completed!

There are a lot of payment methods available in AstroPay which varies with your country of residence. The most common payment options are VISA, MasterCard, Trustly, Google Pay, Caixa, Itaú, Boleto, Phone Pe, UPI, Bank Transfer etc.

Deposits with AstroPay

Users can deposit in various merchant website using their AstroPay wallet in some very simple steps-

  1. Visit the merchant’s website to make the deposit and select AstroPay as your payment option.
  2. Enter your phone number and an OTP will be sent to your phone number to verify the deposit.
  3. You can use a voucher, wallet funds, or one of the other alternatives offered to make a new transaction to make the deposit, so choose the choice that best suits your preferences.

Processing Time: Amounts paid with a voucher or wallet are immediately credited to the merchant. Deposits made through one of the local Payment Options might not be instantaneous and rely on how quickly each one of them processes transactions.

Withdrawals of AstroPay Balance

  1. Withdrawals can be possible to the bank account of the user if you received the amount or a voucher from one of the listed merchants of AstroPay.
  2. Users only need to log in to their AstroPay wallet and choose “Withdrawal” if it is a wallet balance. If it is a voucher, choose the “Cash out voucher” option and then select “Withdrawal” from the menu.
  3. Following that, users will be required to select a method and enter their bank details. It is very crucial to enter the information accurately as there is no way to cancel it once you confirm.
  4. It is not possible to withdraw if the wallet balance or voucher is purchased. In this situation, users can pick one of the merchant partners of AstroPay and making a deposit of the balance. Note that the “transfer” option is only meant for transferring money between members, not for withdrawing funds to a bank account.
  5. Users can also withdraw their money using crypto currency wallet.

Processing Time: Astropay offers instant payments for all online transactions. All otherwithdrawals should be finished in 3 business days.

AstroPay Fees

There is no service charge for using the AstroPay wallet and AstroPay card. When making a deposit with one of the Astropay prepaid cards at an online casino, there are no commission fees to pay. However, there can be a very small fee if you want to transfer the money on your Astropay card to your bank account.

You won’t be charged for paying for products or services; however, if you’re the one receiving payment for supplying goods or services, you will be assessed a fee. Additionally, there are fees associated with sending money internationally or to other AstroPay members who are located in different nations. You will also be charged for the transaction if you are the one who is paying a user from another nation.


Utilizing a 16-digit number, you can safely deposit money using the Astropay payment mechanism. It is secure to use this approach to fund online casino accounts due to SSL encryption technology. Online casinos that use Astropay as a payment method are trustworthy websites that operate lawfully and implement the essential security precautions.

Customer Support

The extensive Help Center on the AstroPay website and mobile app is something quite helpful for resolving the majority of typical problems and for addressing a number of account-related queries. Users can go to their Help Center and find many useful FAQ there. Additionally, users can also reach them by email at They provide assistance in four different language such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.


  • Simple registration
  • Quick online payments
  • Secure payment options
  • Local currencies of many countries


  • Relatively higher fees for small transactions
  • Unavailability of cash withdrawals