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ecoPayz – leading digital transactions provider

ecoPayz is a global provider of digital transaction systems that supports industries in 159 countries and 45 currencies. ecoPayz is a well-known e-wallet company that has delivered secure and quick money transfer solutions to millions of customers for over a decade.

ecoPayz, which was previously known as “Eco Card,” was rebranded in 2013 and later named “ecoPayz” was launched together with its five products.

  • Eco Account
  • Eco Card
  • Eco Virtual card
  • ecoPayz Business Account
  • ecoPayz Merchant Account

How to register an ecoPayz account and get instant Gold VIP

While the number of merchants accepting ecoPayz is relatively limited right now compared to Neteller and Skrill, many businesses embracing ecoPayz are steadily expanding. Certain companies only support ecoPayz while accepting online e-wallet payments and not Neteller or Skrill.

The process of registering for an ecoPayz account is relatively straightforward. Users can create a new report by following a few steps listed below:

  1. Log onto the official ecoPayz website and click on ‘Sign up’ or ‘Open a free account.’ Remember to use the link here to get instant GOLD VIP status.
  2. Upon clicking on ‘Sign up, the user is automatically taken to a new page where a form needs to be filled. The record contains two parts; account information and personal information.
Skrill second registration step
Skrill second registration step
  1. Firstly, the user needs to choose a unique six characters long username that is easy to remember but still hard to guess. This code will be required every time the user needs to log into their account.
  2. Next, the users are asked to enter their email addresses. It’s advised that users enter an operant email address as the ecoPayz site will send a confirmation email on this address needed to register an account.
  3. The users are then asked to choose a password. It needs to be eight characters long with at least one capital character, one numeric digit, and one unique character to ensure that the password is firm and hard to guess.
  4. The next step is for users to choose the country of their residence and their preferred country language. The ecoPayz website offers its services in 12 languages for the ease of its users, including Italian, Deutsch, French, Chinese and Spanish.
  5. Next, the users are asked to choose a currency. This currency should be the currency they make most of their transactions in, as currency conversions will charge an additional conversion fee. Users have the option of choosing between over 40 coins.
  6. Once the users have completed the account information section, they can move onto the Personal Information section. This section asks users to enter their first name, last name, date of birth, and home address.
  1. Furthermore, the users are also asked to enter their working phone numbers along with country codes. This field is mandatory as the ecoPayz website may contact you through this number regarding your account’s verification or as the second step of two-factor authentication when logging into the account.
  2. After reviewing all the details, the users can click on the ‘Create Account’ button, and the registration process is completed.
Skrill second registration step

Benefits of registering an account via ewalletsreview

Once done with the registration, users should go to the website, log in, and start the verification process. The verification process immediately adds the user to the VIP program with Gold level status, adding more perks to the user’s ecoPayz account.

  • ecoPayz gold VIP status is activated instantly, and there are no transfer limits.
  • Accounts in several currencies are available for free.
  • Inter-account transfers are free
  • ecoPayz restrictions at their maximum.
  • Up to three Eco Card Prepaid Master Cards are available for free.
  • Only a 1.25-1.49 percent currency exchange fee is charged.
  • The quick verification process that immediately signs up users for the VIP status program.
  • ecoPayz provides service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Additional email and Skype support is provided
  • Only €10 000 transacted needed for highest VIP

Creating another Currency Account

ecoPayz allows its users to use the same account and add multiple currencies to it. Under this e-wallet, it’s impossible to create various ecoPayz accounts, and if attempted to do so, the user’s account is permanently frozen.

ecoPayz’s feature of adding multiple currencies in the same account solves this problem. This feature is highly beneficial as through this feature, users can easily switch between currencies when making transactions without having to go and create a new account.

users can achieve this feature through a few simple steps;

  1. Log onto the ecoPayz website and sign in to your account by typing your ecoPayz username and password.
  2. Go to the ‘Manage my Account’ tab and choose the ‘Add Currency Account’ option.
  1. The site will immediately redirect users to a new page to be asked to choose a new name for their new account.
  2. Next, the users are asked to choose a currency from the drop-down list they want their future transactions. Users can choose between 45 currencies and are advised to select a currency that they make regular dealings in to reduce conversion fees being charged.
  3. Once this is done, users can now operate a single ecoPayz account while having the option of choosing between different currencies.

Advantages of multiple currency accounts

The process of adding a new currency account is free of cost and comes with many benefits.

  • The process is not at all costly and allows users to add as many currencies as they want.
  • It allows users to conveniently switch between any currencies they want at the time of transaction.
  • No currency conversion fee is charged on this feature.
  • All of the user’s saved currency choices are stored in one place, and they don’t need to create multiple accounts to manage them.