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ecoPayz – made for gamblers, traders and money transfers

ecoPayz is a digital transaction systems provider that serves industries in 159 countries and 45 currencies worldwide. It was founded in 2000 and was known as Eco Card until 2013. It deals in both physical and virtual prepaid cards. ecoPayz is a brand of PSI-Pay Ltd, an FCA-regulated firm that provides a quick, secure, and private way to send and receive money around the world, as well as personalized virtual and physical card programs for businesses and people.

This payment tool allows you to make immediate transactions to the business of your preference, whether you’re a gamer, gambler, or trader. The list includes poker rooms, casinos, betting offices, and brokers, among others, to give you a wide range of options for how you want to conduct your money transfer. In 2013 ecoPayz underwent a rebrand as they changed from Eco Card to ecoPayz.

The new brand included Eco Account, Eco Card, eco Virtual card, ecoPayz Business Account and ecoPayz Merchant account. The company launched a mobile version of the site that same year. Today, ecoPayz is one of the most renowned e-wallet platforms that exist and have been providing safe and fast money-moving options to millions of users for more than a decade.

ecoPayz VIP Program

ecoPayz allows its daily users many unique benefits according to the number of daily transactions they make and the number of funds they transfer. The ecoPayz VIP Program comprises five levels, each designed to reward its most active and loyal customers.

Compared to other eWallet VIP systems, reaching higher VIP levels is not solely based on transaction volume.

Other factors determine your VIP account level, such as verifying your identity, validating your debit or credit card, holding the previous “account level” for a minimum of 30 days, and total cumulative deposit uploads into your ecoPayz account. Each VIP level has its own set of privileges, such as lower currency conversion fees and higher transfer and withdrawal limitations.

ecoPayz allows its daily users many unique benefits according to the number of daily transactions they make and the number of funds they transfer. The statuses are as follows;

The users need to follow some steps to reach new status levels; the higher the group, the more benefits the users can enjoy. By reaching different level statuses, users can enjoy more and more benefits, for example, on the maximum limit of funds that users can store in the e-wallet.

Exclusive VIP offer from eWalletsReview

Increasing ecoPayz Limits with eWalletsReview

Users may substantially optimize their ecoPayz account and gain additional benefits by combining it with the eWalletsReview exclusive VIP deal. All they have to do is register an account on ecoPayz’s official website by following this link and follow a few easy steps. Next, they need to finish the account verification process that involves users providing proof of their identity through identity cards, passports, or driving licenses and their residency verification through utility bills, residency certificates, or bank statements. The account will then be upgraded to ecoPayz Gold immediately after verification, with lower costs and higher limits.

Furthermore, as an eWalletsReview client, users can obtain the highest ecoPayz VIP status for only 10,000 EUR in transactions instead of 250,000 EUR for other users.

ecoPayz VIP Status Overview


All newly registered eco pay account users come under this status, and they need to be registered to earn the Classic level.


Users need to complete the verification process to get the Silver status.

Gold (instant via eWR!)

To reach the Gold status, users need to;

  • verify their bank card;
  • deposit € 5 000 from a bank account or € 2 500 from a card;
  • have a Silver Eco Account for 30 days;
  • Make deposits to any merchants for the total sum of € 25 000.


To reach the Platinum level status, users need to;

    • own a Gold Eco Account for 30 days;
    • get and activate their Eco Card;
    • Make deposits to any merchants for the total sum of € 50 000.


    to reach the VIP level status, users need to;

    • own a Platinum Eco Account for 30 days;
    • get and activate their Eco Card;
    • Make deposits to any merchants for the total sum of € 250 000. Only €10 000 with eWR!
    • need to fund their account for the total amount of € 10 000

    ecoPayz VIP Program Benefits

    ecoPayz offers a straightforward VIP programme with numerous rewards. It can benefit even consumers that have low transaction volumes. As you progress through the VIP levels, you will benefit from increased transfer limits and lower FX exchange fees.

    You will also be allowed to use up to five Eco virtual cards each day and order up to three actual ecoPayz MasterCard for all of your multiple currency accounts (EUR, USD, and GBP).

    Additionally, your transaction limits will be increased, and you will access our specialized support. To avoid missing out on any of our benefits, make sure to complete your account information.

    Moreover, you do not lose your VIP status once you have earned it, unlike Neteller and Skrill, which work quarterly and need you to re-earn your VIP status every quarter. By checking in and clicking on the upper left corner of the screen, you can also check your VIP status, as shown in the image.

    ecoPayz Classic

    ecoPayz Gold VIP

    ecoPayz highest VIP

    ecoPayz VIP MasterCard Benefits

    Your financial standing governs your MasterCard limits. Caps are commonly used to help maintain the security of your account and the funds it holds, but they can rapidly become a hassle and ultimately impose higher charges. Card restrictions can take the form of a limit on the amount of money that customers can withdraw and a maximum number of withdrawals that can be used to complete the transaction. Remember that you get instant gold VIP with ecoPayz via our links. Also, read more about the ecoPayz MasterCard here

    • Every status allows the users to make ten daily ATM visits.
    • The maximum value set for the Silver status holders is €250. When users need to make higher-valued withdraws, they need to split the total amount down into smaller portions.

    As a result, more fee is charged upon every withdrawal since the withdrawal fee for every transaction is set at 2%.

    • To avoid this hassle, users can upgrade their status to Gold (instantly via eWR!) or VIP. This step will increase the maximum withdrawal amount to €1 500 for ATM and €11 000 on shops and e-commerce websites.