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A large credit business first developed the “cashback reward” concept in 1986, and it has since spread to numerous other industries. Unlike typical reward points, which customers may only use to purchase goods, services, or gift cards, cash incentives are literal cash.


The account holder receives a percentage of the money spent back.


You may, for example, earn 0.5 percent to 2% on all purchases made with your card. Yes, the primary goal of the cashback program was to encourage people to spend more money.


Retailers offer cashback, credit card providers, and banks to encourage you to shop or use your cards more frequently. However, if you utilize it correctly, it can save you a lot of money.


In addition to Jeton’s exceptional service, our members can take advantage of a 5% Jeton Cashback offer. Our consumers may save money on routine purchases with the new cashback incentive.

5% Cash Back Offer

Jeton Wallet already offers an instant 1% payback to all customers when they shop with Jeton. Still, for a limited time only, users in Brazil, India, Russia, Canada, Japan, and Indonesia will receive a staggering 5% cashback on their first-ever Jeton purchase!


That means customers will automatically earn 1% of their money back from their first purchase, plus the company will deposit an additional 4% into their account balance. Not only that, but if you continue to use Jeton Pay, your future payments will still earn you 1% Instant cashback every time you transact with Jeton.


You must be at least 18 years old, have an eligible Jeton account, and have made a transaction using Jeton Pay. Brazil, Japan, India, Russia, Canada, and Indonesia are among the participants.

How to get Cashback with Jeton Card

It’s simple to redeem the cash back you’ve earned after making purchases with your Jeton Wallet. Cash awards are frequently quicker to save than travel reward points because they are not subject to the blackout period.


To begin, you must have a Jeton Wallet account.


When you make a payment using your Jeton account, you’ll get 1% instant cashback. The cashback will be credited to the customer’s account balance after each charge.


Your earnings will be denominated in the same currency as your payment. If you pay €1000, for example, you will receive €10 in Instant Cashback.


Payments made with bonus accounts will not be eligible for Instant Cashback.

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