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MuchBetter, an app-based e-wallet, has gained a lot of traction among gamers. When playing online games, you can utilize the app to deposit and withdraw funds easily. This electronic wallet offers a high level of security, quick transactions, and low fees.


MuchBetter is an online casino payment option optimized for online gambling, differentiating it from other payment choices. Everything is done through the smartphone app, and creating an account is a breeze.


MuchBetter, founded in 2017, has quickly become a popular option for users to finance and withdraw money from their online gaming accounts. Despite being very new, it has already received several important awards, including the 2019 SBC Awards’ Mobile Payment Solution of the Year.


MuchBetter is a popular payment option at online casinos because it is simple to use, provides the highest convenience to clients, has top-notch safety and security, and has cheap fees.

How to Register an Account?

Follow these steps to create an account for a MuchBetter e-wallet and start making and receiving payments right now

Once registered, users can start funding their MuchBetter account and instantly get onto making transactions without any further ado.


MuchBetter Registration is a quick and easy way to create a free account. You gain access to all of the wallet’s features after registering and authenticating your account. Much superior technical support is available at all times and via any contact method listed on the website.



MuchBetter’s appealing cost structure is one of the reasons for its success. It is completely free to send money to friends and relatives and receive money from them. It is also free to send money to a merchant and to receive money from a merchant. Sending and receiving presents, as well as requesting money, are all free.


Funding from a SEPA transfer or a bank transfer is free when depositing money into your account. Using a VISA or MasterCard to fund your account, on the other hand, incurs costs ranging from 1.5 percent to 5%, based upon your location.


A 2 percent fee will be charged for SEPA bank transfers. If you make a wire transfer, there will be a 50 EUR fee plus 2% of the entire transaction. The program will charge a $4 fee for an Interac e-transfer. Finally, withdrawals of Bitcoin are subject to a 2% fee.


MuchBetter customers can send money to each other for free. In transactions where customers must exchange currencies, there is a 0.99 percent fee. This fee will be levied if you deposit Canadian Dollars into your MuchBetter account.


The amount you can deposit and withdraw from your account is determined by the payment method you employ.


You’ll be able to examine the various restrictions for the different deposit types and the withdrawal options through your mobile application. The withdrawal restrictions will also vary depending on where you live due to banking laws.


You will only be able to store and spend $2,500 when you initially register an account. Your restrictions will be increased once you have verified your identification.


For example, you’ll be able to make $4500 per day, $22,500 per month, and $90,000 per year in POS transactions.


Other restrictions include a maximum of 5 ATM transactions each day and a maximum of 300 units of your account’s currency. You can make 15 ATM transactions for a total of 2000 currency units throughout 30 days.


In addition, you can conduct 180 ATM transactions totalling 20,000 currency units in 365 days.


Your country’s currency determines this limit; for example, in the United Kingdom, a daily POS limit would be 4500 GBP, but it would be 4500 EUR in Germany.

Without verifying your account After Basic Verification After Further Verification
Funds you can add to your MuchBetter account Your account will be limited to a maximum load value of £125. £38,500 is the total amount you can add to your account over 365 days. This decision is made independently, based on each profile.
ATM withdrawals made with your MuchBetter Card You will not be able to order your card until you have verified your account. Daily: 5 daily transactions, up to a total value of £300.

Monthly: 15 total transactions, up to a total value of £2 000.

Yearly: 180 total transactions, up to a total value of£20 000
Daily: 5 daily transactions, up to a total value of £4 500.

Monthly: 155 complete transactions, up to a total value of £22 500.

Yearly: 1 860 total transactions, up to a total value of £90 000.
Point of sale transactions with your MuchBetter Card. You will not be able to order your card until you have verified your account. Daily: £4 500

Monthly: £22 500

Yearly: £ £90 500
Daily: £4 500

Monthly: £22 500

Yearly: £90 000

(Exception: the highest level for VIP and customers with full enhanced KYC will have improved limits)


After you’ve created an account, which is straightforward and quick to do, you’ll need to authenticate it before you can use the payment option at online gambling sites. The verification procedure is as follows:


When playing at online casinos, the safety and security of a payment method are crucial. That is one of the primary reasons that MuchBetter is ideal for financial transactions at gambling sites. It takes all necessary precautions to ensure that customers are completely safe and secure while gaming on these payment method sites.


MuchBetter not only employs cutting-edge technology to assure security but its service is specifically designed for online gambling, providing members with an added sense of protection when utilizing the payment option to gamble online. The following are some of the security measures in place:


You’ll be able to put money into your account using a debit or credit card, AstroPay, a bank transfer, and other methods. Your alternatives will primarily be determined by where you live. Make sure to select your country to see which deposit options are available to you.


You will only need to submit your MuchBetter e-wallet account number and your associated mobile phone number to deposit money into a merchant (online casino, poker, betting, FX). MuchBetter will then send your money to the vendor directly.

Here’s how to transfer money from your MuchBetter account to your online casino account.


Here are the steps users need to follow to withdraw money from their online gaming account and transferring it to their MuchBetter account.

You can use MuchBetter on the following merchants


The MuchBetter payment system offers a plethora of benefits to its consumers. The MuchBetter MasterCard prepaid card is one of them. It enables online and offline payments at a variety of stores, as well as access to the MuchBetter account and ATM withdrawals.


It’s important to note that the MuchBetter MasterCard prepaid card is only available to European clients.


You can apply for a MuchBetter MasterCard if you have a MuchBetter account. You can use the card to make purchases and withdraw money from ATMs just like any other credit card.


To receive a MuchBetter MasterCard, deposit at least 100 Euros into your account, go to the Card page on your MuchBetter mobile app and select to get a Free Card. The card will be delivered to you within 1-3 business days.

The MuchBetter MasterCard comes with low use limits by default. However, by contacting the MuchBetter Support Team, our team could enhance them. For example, you can withdraw a maximum of USD 300/EUR/GBP every day, and you can make a maximum of five transactions per day.


The MasterCard fees are as follows:


MuchBetter is a ground-breaking payment app that offers a superior alternative to traditional wallet apps. MuchBetter is an easy-to-use and secure digital wallet that rewards clients for spending money in USD, EUR, or GBP.


The MuchBetter app allows users to spend money both online and offline while keeping their personal information secure.


MuchBetter is a user-friendly payment method designed specifically for online gambling. This method is unique, and as a result, there are a few advantages for online gamblers that other payment solutions do not provide. Using MuchBetter to deposit and withdraw funds at online gaming sites is quick, simple, and secure.


MuchBetter is a global gaming site’s favourite payment app, offering an alternative to wallets like Neteller, Skrill, and ecoPayz. MuchBetter is also accepted at high-street stores, and it’s a fun way to send and receive money from relatives and friends.


MuchBetter is for anyone who wants to have a more rewarding money-spending experience.

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