MuchBetter – Verification


A fast simple & secure payment solution

MuchBetter, an app-based e-wallet, has gained a lot of traction among gamers. When playing online games, you can utilize the app to deposit and withdraw funds easily. This electronic wallet offers a high level of security, quick transactions, and low fees.

MuchBetter is an online casino payment option optimized for online gambling, differentiating it from other payment choices. Everything is done through the smartphone app, and creating an account is a breeze.

MuchBetter, founded in 2017, has quickly become a popular option for users to finance and withdraw money from their online gaming accounts. Despite being very new, it has already received several important awards, including the 2019 SBC Awards’ Mobile Payment Solution of the Year.

MuchBetter is a popular payment option at online casinos because it is simple to use, provides the highest convenience to clients, has top-notch safety and security, and has cheap fees.

Why is Verification necessary?

MuchBetter are required to identify our consumers as a regulated Financial Institution (e-money) before providing certain services. All customers have access to a basic set of services and a reasonable total spending limit as soon as they register.

MuchBetter need to authenticate and validate your identification before they may send money to other MuchBetter accounts, apply for a free, contactless Mastercard, or withdraw cash from your MuchBetter account.

MuchBetter utilizing a computer-assisted identifying system. They believe that the ease with which users can complete the process will alleviate some of the frustrations associated with traditional client identification methods.

Verification Process

After you’ve created an account, which is straightforward and quick to do, you’ll need to authenticate it before you can use the payment option at online gambling sites. The verification procedure is as follows:

  1. Open the MuchBetter app and log in.
  2. Complete the required fields, including your phone number, physical address, and email address.
  3. It’s also here that you’ll be asked to create security questions that you’ll have to answer if you forget your password. Make sure to authenticate the account as soon as possible.
  4. If you prefer not to complete the verification procedure right away, you can access additional capabilities by tapping on the ID verification icon on the home screen.
  5. Select the issuing country and document type for ID verification. Passport, driver’s license, or personal identification card are all acceptable documents for this phase. The paper must be current and cannot be out of date.
  6. Scan and upload the paper immediately through the app according to the app’s instructions.

After a review of your document, the company will verify your account.

eWalletsReview tips to the verification process: Kindly confirm that you have appropriate lighting and that there are no shadows in the photographs, as they must be clear and legible. Furthermore, please remove any wearables such as caps, face masks, or anything else that may be hiding your face before taking your selfie shot since MuchBetter will need to match this with your ID photo.


  Without verifying your account After Basic Verification After Further Verification
Funds you can add to your MuchBetter account Your account will be limited to a maximum load value of £125. £38,500 is the total amount you can add to your account over 365 days. This decision is made independently, based on each profile.
ATM withdrawals made with your MuchBetter Card You will not be able to order your card until you have verified your account.

Daily: 5 daily transactions, up to a total value of £300.

Monthly: 15 total transactions, up to a total value of £2 000.

Yearly: 180 total transactions, up to a total value of£20 000

Daily: 5 daily transactions, up to a total value of £4 500.

Monthly: 155 complete transactions, up to a total value of £22 500.

Yearly: 1 860 total transactions, up to a total value of £90 000.

Point of sale transactions with your MuchBetter Card. You will not be able to order your card until you have verified your account.

Daily: £4 500

Monthly: £22 500

Yearly: £90 000

Daily: £4 500

Monthly: £22 500

Yearly: £90 000

(Exception: the highest level for VIP and customers with full enhanced KYC will have improved limits)