Neteller – Bonus and Rewards


Neteller Bonus/ Reward

Neteller is a digital wallet and can be used on both mobile and desktop computers. You can make online payments, transfer funds, make purchases, and track your transactions all in one spot with this app.

The software allows users to send money to over 180 countries worldwide via a fast and secure network that is faster and more convenient than traditional banking apps, which may make day-to-day transactions a pain. Furthermore, when conducting transactions, Neteller allows consumers to choose from 22 different currencies.

eWallet-Optimizer Neteller Affiliate Partner Program

Online content developers that want to promote NETELLER and attract new ewallet customers can join the eWallet-Optimizer Partner Program. You may generate revenue via NETELLER, PaySafe Group’s gambling ewallet, by connecting with new clients.

It’s simple to earn money through the eWO Affiliate Program. You receive a lifetime income share if you introduce your content users to NETELLER, Skrill and ecoPayz and they deposit money with a merchant.

You receive a 20-30% revenue share for every transaction your users make with a merchant. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, and you’ll be ready to launch a promotional company with the most reliable payment track record of all ewallet affiliate partners.

Along with Skrill (Moneybookers) and ecoPayz, Neteller is one of the top three payment methods for gamers. Neteller is also a popular method of receiving affiliate payments. Your UK, European, and international players will enjoy the security of making payments as well as the speed with which money is received.

For example, if a referred customer sends USD 1,000 from his NETELLER account to a merchant who charges a 1.5 percent fee, the eWallet-Optimizer affiliate can earn up to the following commission:

1,000 USD * 1.5% * 30% = 4.50 USD

Benefits of Becoming an eWO Partner

  1. If you have a network of clients who could be interested in utilizing an ewallet, or if you have your website, forum, or blog, marketing Skrill and Neteller might help you earn an excellent part-time or full-time income.

You’ll get paid a commission when your customers use their Neteller account to make payments to merchants.

  1. When you promote Digital Wallets via eWallet-Optimizer, you’ll get a a better revenue share compared with a “direct” affiliate partnership with Neteller, Skrill or ecoPayz. Get up to 30% of the money eWO make from the deposits your referrals do with the merchants, which is a one-time commission.

There are no strings attached, no scams, just a lifelong income.

  1. Affiliate companies, such as eWO, accept payments via the internet. Gambling, i-gaming, forex, E-sports, and cryptocurrencies are relevant, topical, and essential parts of big businesses.

Your referrals will have various options for online deposits and payments because Neteller have one of the largest merchant networks in the industry.

  1. Neteller provide web banners, links, instructions, articles, promotion sites, and other helpful information to get you started and keep you coming back. eWO will also be very helpful here.

Their award-winning affiliate staff is here to advise and assist you in maximizing your revenue.

The eWO Affiliate tools, in which all the statistics are kept up to date and shown in depth, allows a NETELLER Affiliate to verify his affiliate profits.

However, it should be noted that there is no commission on the total amount transferred; only the costs are charged (deposits).