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Neteller has over 20 million account holders globally, a financial services company, and a global online payments provider. Users of Neteller can purchase safely, send money anywhere in the world, and get fast access to their money.


There are several options for contacting NETELLER Support quickly and easily. Calling or using the live chat option for typical difficulties is the quickest and most convenient alternative, but you may also email them or contact them via Twitter or Facebook.

If you choose to contact support through email or their contact form, make sure you use the email address associated with your account.

Please double-check that you have your NETELLER account ID number, which appears in your account overview after you log in and is usually a 12-digit number.

NETELLER Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The optimum time to call them is between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. The average wait time to speak with a NETELLER Customer Service representative is 1-3 minutes.

Neteller Live Chat

You must be a VIP member to speak with the Neteller support team directly via live chat for an immediate response.


This process requires verification of the user’s account that includes providing evidence of residency and identity through bank statements, utility bills, residency certificates, driver’s license, passport, or identity card.


Neteller’s live chat assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and in various languages. From your account interface, you can contact them by live chat.

Neteller Contact Form

The website Contact form is another way to contact Neteller Support via email ( Go to their website, fill out this contact form, or email the supplied address.


You can fill the form in a few easy steps;

Neteller Help via Phone

Neteller offers ten different hotlines organized by popular residence countries. If your country of residence is not on this list, please call their toll-free international number.

The fastest way to communicate with them is through their phone support, expediting the entire process. In your Neteller account, you can also use the “Request a call” action. It’s easy; they will proactively contact you.

Before you call, make sure you have your Neteller account ID number handy, zoom in on this image to check the hotline, and choose your preferred phone number from the list.

Response time is dependant on VIP level – the higher VIP, the better response time from NETELLER.


Account disabling occurs for various security reasons, including using an IP proxy or anonymizer to sign in, detecting a sign-in from a banned country, or several attempts to sign in with an incorrect password; secure ID, or Account ID, to name a few. If we become worried about the security of your account due to unusual account behavior, we may close it.

To protect a member’s personal information and funds, NETELLER may temporarily disable access to their account. If you try to login in and your account is disabled, don’t panic. Your funds and personal information are secure, and you should be able to reopen the report with ease.

Please keep in mind that if your account was permanently closed (terminated) by NETELLER, there’s a slim possibility you’ll be able to reactivate it, which is a final decision. Neteller will not allow you to reopen your account or start another one with them.


If your NETELLER MasterCard has been lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised, please call NETELLER Support at +44 20 7526 9219. The customers should report as soon as possible to cancel your card.

Please remember that Neteller can only return any cash losses due to fraudulent activity if the card is canceled.

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