Neteller – Fees and Limits



Customers Using Neteller as their e-wallet comes with some fees as well. There are numerous ways for users to deposit transactions: MasterCard, visa card, and Epay, to name a few. The deposit fee for all these alternatives stands at a constant rate of 2.5%. However, if an amount of USD 20,000 or more is being deposited into the account, the deposit fee rate is not applicable and automatically gets canceled out.

The rates for money withdrawal fees, on the other hand, are a bit more complex and different. Five different withdrawal fees can apply to variant users according to their preferences.

    NETELLER Withdrawal fees

    1. Bank Transfer: users are charged a total of USD 10 on withdrawal through the bank.
    2. Member Wire: the rate for member wires is USD 12.75
    3. Merchant Sites: withdrawals through merchant sites like RubixFx are made short of any withdrawal fee.
    4. Money transfer: the fee charged to transfer money from one Neteller account to another is 1.45%, and the minimum amount that customers can transfer between two accounts is USD 0.50. For higher VIP levels, money transfers between accounts are free of charge.
    5. Neteller to Skrill: a withdrawal fee rate of 2.5% is charged for transactions made from a Neteller account to a Skrill account (unless the amount being transferred is USD 20,000, in that case, the transfer is free).

    The limits of cash withdrawal vary according to the type of account a user may have. For instance, users having an unverified Neteller account can withdraw money ranging from USD 20 to USD 2,500 on credit card transactions and USD 5,000 to 50,000 in the case of Neteller to Neteller transfers. On the other hand, users with a verified Neteller account can make deposits up to USD 15,000 on credit cards and USD 50,000 on Neteller to Neteller transfers.

    1. Net+ Plastic Prepaid MasterCard Fee

    The prepaid Master card is a physical debit card composed of polymer plastic to withdraw money from ATMs that accept MasterCard. MasterCard is a sensible alternative since there are numerous ATMs all over the globe.

    There are several fees applicable on Master Card, depending upon the status of the users.

    1. Card Issuance and Delivery Fee: This fee is only charged on non-verified and bronze status level holders; this fee is not charged for all the other users.
    2. Cash Withdrawal Limit: The limit for regular Neteller users stands at USD 1000; however, users of the VIP program have verified their account, and the maximum limit is raised to USD 3300.
    3. Commission for cash withdrawal at an ATM: The percentage of commission is different for different users. For non-verified and bronze status users, the fee is 1.75%; however, for other VIP status holders, the fee is just USD 6.
    4. Currency Conversion: Users are charged a specific amount when they try to convert currencies between transactions;
    • Regular account: 3.99%
    • Bronze: 3.79%
    • Silver: 3.19%
    • Gold: 2.79%
    • Diamond: 2.39%
    • Exclusive users: 1.29%

    2. Net + Virtual Prepaid MasterCard Fee

    Making the first virtual card is completely free. The cost of making the second and subsequent cards is $3. Currency conversion commissions range from 3.99 percent to 1.29 percent, depending on the account state.
    You can make ten POS purchases every twenty-four hours with a virtual card, with a total value cap of $7,000 per transaction.

    3. Bitcoin Exchange Fee

    Although NETELLER provides a wide range of services, one of the most exciting and useful features is the ability to sell and buy cryptocurrencies straight from within one’s account.

    The website features a dedicated portal that allows users to purchase and sell various cryptocurrencies directly. The fees involved are listed in the table below.

    4. Administrative Fee

    Administrative fees cover any charges incurred as a result of your account’s additional actions.

    1. Neteller Inactivity Fee: This is the fee charged in the case where there hasn’t been any activity on a user’s account for over a year. Neteller advises its users to log into their account at least once a month to avoid paying this fee.
    2. Closed Neteller Accounts Fee: This fee is charged if, for some reason, the user’s account has been blocked by the Neteller management.
    3. Incorrect Transaction Reversal Fee: In cases where a user makes some mistake while transferring their funds, they can get help from the Neteller management; however, this may cost them a charge of fee.


    1. Deposits:
      Deposits into your NETELLER account are charged at 2.5 percent for less than 20,000 USD and are free for amounts more significant than 20,000 USD. Depending on the payment type, different deposit limits apply. The amount of money you can spend depends on your verification and VIP status.
    1. Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard:
      The Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard does not have specific restrictions for VIP and non-VIP NETELLER users. After you’ve been validated, you’ll be able to make ten POS purchases every 24 hours, with a total value cap of $7,000.
    1. Bitcoin: