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Clients that are authorized for Neteller Master Cards have two alternatives.

The prepaid Master card is a physical debit card composed of polymer plastic to withdraw money from ATMs that accept MasterCard. MasterCard is a sensible alternative since there are countless ATMs all over the globe.

Neteller MasterCard: fees, virtual deposit card and limits | Baxity

The card allows chip-based transactions at any ATM that deals with MasterCard. In addition to this, the chips installed in these cards, along with the pin code, provide more security to user funds and personal information. They are harder to get a hold of, and there are fewer chances of anyone misusing the user’s credentials.

Furthermore, there is no month–to–a month or annual charges associated with the Neteller Net+ Prepaid MasterCard, and users don’t even have to pay a fee if they don’t use your card for a while, in the form of an inactivity fee.

The Neteller virtual card is another great alternative for users who don’t want to rely on physical cards. It’s wholly virtual and works in the same way as a debit card while shopping online.

By opting for this option, users have less to worry about misplacing the card, and this option is even more secure as no pick-pocket can get a hold of your card in any case. Additionally, the virtual card isn’t linked to any credit card, making it even more challenging for users to become prey to fraud.


Net+ Plastic Prepaid MasterCard Fee

The prepaid Master card is a physical debit card composed of polymer plastic to withdraw money from ATMs that accept MasterCard.


There are several fees applicable on Master Card, depending upon the status of the users.

Neteller MasterCard: fees, virtual deposit card and limits | Baxity

Card Issuance and Delivery Fee: This fee is only charged on non-verified and bronze status level holders; this fee is not charged for all the other users.

Cash Withdrawal Limit: The limit for regular Neteller users stands at USD 1000; however, users of the VIP program have verified their account, and the maximum limit is raised to USD 3300.

Commission for cash withdrawal at an ATM: The percentage of commission is different for different users. For non-verified and bronze status users, the fee is 1.75%; however, for other VIP status holders, the cost is just USD 6.

Currency Conversion: Users are charged a specific amount when they try to convert currencies between transactions;

Net + Virtual Prepaid MasterCard Fee

Making the first virtual card is completely free. The cost of making the second and subsequent cards is $3. Currency conversion commissions range from 3.99 percent to 1.29 percent, depending on the account state.

You can make ten POS purchases every twenty-four hours with a virtual card, with a total value cap of $7,000 per transaction.


Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard:

If you are an unconfirmed NETELLER member, you will be subject to a lifetime transaction limit set by your jurisdiction. Typically, the monthly restriction will be €150, with a total value of €500. You must upload a copy of your photo ID to your NETELLER account settings to be validated. You must also take a photo of your face with your camera or mobile device.

Finally, you must enable geolocation in your web browser to validate your address. If this isn’t possible, you’ll need to upload a particular document to verify your address.

You won’t have to worry about a lifetime transaction limit if your NETELLER account is validated. You do, however, have the option of selecting one while making the card.

The Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard does not have specific restrictions for VIP and non-VIP NETELLER users. After you’ve been validated, you’ll be able to make ten POS purchases every 24 hours, with a total value cap of $7,000.

NET+ Prepaid MasterCard:

Neteller has a tiered VIP program with different incentives depending on how much money you spend. A daily ATM transaction restriction of $1,000 is set for non-VIP customers. Customers who have reached the Gold level or higher in the VIP program can withdraw up to $3,300 every day. If you want easier access, the clients who achieve VIP Bronze Pro status enjoy a $3,300 withdrawal limit.

Customers, both VIP and non-VIP, can perform 10 ATM transactions and 50 POS transactions every day.

Non-VIP customers and VIP Bronze Pro and Silver level members are limited to $3,000 in POS purchases every day, while Gold VIP members and above are limited to $7000.


Prepaid Net+ MasterCards – both the physical and the virtual versions – may only be used by people who live in countries classified under the EEA (European Economic Area) label. The applicable countries are highlighted in green on the map.

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