Neteller – Registration


Neteller is a digital wallet that customers may use on both mobile and desktop computers. With this app, you can make electronic purchases, withdraw cash, purchase items, and track your transactions all in one spot. Read our comprehensive review of Neteller here.

To create a new Neteller account, the users need to follow a few easy steps.

How to register a NETELLER account

Registering for a Second Currency (old method)

Neteller allows its users to hold several separate accounts if you are a Neteller VIP. All of these accounts are handled and operated separately. In addition to this, each account needs to be created with a unique email address and phone number, i.e., users can’t use the same email address or phone number on more than one account.

Once users have reached the Silver VIP status, creating an additional account is easy, following a small set of steps;

It is to be noted that the user’s Neteller account may most likely be frozen for a short period. To reactivate the account, users need to reach out to the Neteller support team at and send them an email requesting them to connect the two accounts.

The request will make the support team look into the two accounts. After gaining some identification confirmation, they will unfreeze the account, and the user’s account verification from the first Neteller account will also be transferred to the second one.

The process of unfreezing and transferring VIP status takes about 1-3 working days, and soon after that, users can enjoy VIP benefits on both accounts with two currencies.

Switching Neteller Account Currency

For users that don’t need multiple currencies for their account and instead need to switch from their originally chosen currency, Neteller gives the option of changing their previous currency and opting for a new one through a series of steps;

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