Neteller – VIP Program


Neteller is an app that acts as a single platform that combines all your resources, your debit cards, credit cards, and bank account all in one place; from here, you can transfer these funds just with an email address.

It is a mobile and PC application that acts as a digital wallet. Through this app, you can make online payments, transfer funds, make purchases, and keep track of your transactions, all in one place. Neteller was launched in 1999 and previously only operated in a few countries.

 However, it’s operant in over 200 countries and has millions of daily users who rely on the app for their everyday dealings. The app lets its users transfer money to over 180 countries worldwide through a fast and secure network that’s a lot quicker and convenient than conventional banking apps, which make daily businesses quite a hassle.

Furthermore, Neteller allows the users to select from within 22 different currencies while making transactions.


The Neteller VIP program consists of five stages that users can reach by satisfying a set of rules and regulations that each stage requires. After every successful transaction, you get closer to the next stage of the VIP program, and each stage comes with more and more benefits and perks for the users, including reduced withdrawal costs, increased limits, and a lot more. Once a user verifies his account, he is automatically added to the VIP program and can enjoy the benefits at each transaction he makes using the Neteller e-wallet.

VIP Program Requirements

Before a user can start using the benefits of the VIP Program, they need to register for an account on the official Neteller website and then get their accounts verified.


The verification process consists of users giving proof of their identity through their driver’s license, identification card, or passport; and evidence of their residency through utility bills, certificate of residence, or bank statements. The site then asks users to provide a picture of themselves, and then the account is successfully verified.


Once the account is verified, users are given the stock status, i.e., maximum tariffs and minimum deposit and withdrawal limits. To increase user status, users need to deposit a specific amount to change their VIP status to the lowest one, the Bronze level.


The minimum amount of transactions required to shift to the Bronze status level is USD 600. To increase further, the users need to make transactions reaching USD 15000 for Silver level status. To get to the next level, the users need to transfer funds amounting to USD 45,000 for Gold level status and USD 150,000 for Diamond level status. Users are required to make transactions up to USD 600,000. To reach the highest level of VIP status.

Benefits of Neteller VIP Program


Your VIP status is determined by the amount of money you send to merchants and the amount of money you spend on crypto.

You have secured a VIP level for the current and upcoming quarters whenever you reach it. Each VIP level has its own set of goals and perks

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The VIP program at NETELLER is well-supported by a bonus point system. One point will be credited to your account for every dollar sent outside of NETELLER, which can then be swapped for cash prizes.


Register for the rewards program from the “Rewards” tab once you’ve logged into your account to begin collecting bonus points. To start your count, select the “Reward points” banner and click the green button to agree to the “Terms and Conditions.”


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