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Skrill does not have an online customer support help desk; however, you can contact them via phone. Customers can reach SkrillSkrill through two different channels: phone and email. You can also call them if you didn’t know it was an option and would want to talk with them.


Check out our details on their phone number 855-719-2087 to learn more about them, such as the average wait time or to see if a natural live person answers the phone.


Customers seek assistance online for a variety of reasons, such as Recover Account. Skrill is expected to launch a web-based presence shortly to answer common issues and inquiries. Skrill does not offer an online help forum or thorough FAQ, so we recommend contacting them using one of the alternative methods given above.

Skrill Support can be reached in a variety of ways. Calling is the quickest and most convenient option for fundamental difficulties, but you may also email them, contact them through the Skrill homepage, Twitter, or Facebook.


Please use the email address associated with your account and include your account ID number if you contact support through email or contact form.

Skrill Support Hotline

This hotline is Skrill’s best phone number, as well as the current wait time on hold and techniques for bypassing those phone lines and speaking with a Skrill agent. Recover Profile, Account Settings, Difficulties Obtaining a Transaction, Problems Sending a Payout, Modify Account Details, and other customer service difficulties are frequent issues treated by the client support team that takes calls to 855-719-2087.


Customer reports suggest that the Skrill call center you call is staffed by Indians and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Skrill has two phone numbers in total, which customers can reach in case of any issues.


Before you contact, make sure you have your Skrill account ID number prepared.

Skrill Support Hotline - Skrill help

Skrill Email or Ticket

If your problem isn’t urgent, you can email, stating in detail the issues you are facing.


Customers with VIP status can send an email to You can also utilize the Skrill website’s contact form to submit a Skrill Support Ticket to get your problems resolved.


You should receive a response within 2-3 business days in both circumstances, and the Skrill customer care center will find a solution to your query.

Skrill Social Media

Skrill also assists its social media outlets. Please only exchange personal information privately, not on the public page, to ensure customer account safety and security and avoid data breaching.


Skrill can be contacted on social media using the following links:


Skrill Facebook Account


Skrill Twitter Account


If the account owner has closed the account, you can contact support and request to reactivate it; this is usually not an issue, and the Skrill management will reopen the report as soon as possible. If a Skrill account has been permanently closed, there is no way to reopen it. Those choices are final, and the report will remain closed.

Disabled due to a lack of verification

In such a situation, it’s relatively simple as long as you can prove your identification. The Skrill team now require the following to verify an account thoroughly:

After you’ve submitted all of your documentation, your account should be approved.


If your card or PIN is lost or stolen, or if you notice illegal charges, contact your card issuer right away. If you wait too long to report, you could be held liable for more or all of the criminal or inaccurate charges. Writing a lost card or an erroneous appointment as soon as possible helps you avoid further losses from your account balance.

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