Skrill – MasterCard


Skrill MasterCard

Skrill Prepaid MasterCard ® is a contactless card, which means that the account balance is requested before any write-off.

The card will be issued and delivered within 2 to 10 business days. Furthermore, for Skrill VIP status holders (Bronze and higher), each feature is entirely free. It costs 10 euros for regular accounts, however.

Each cardholder can choose from the following currency pairs when withdrawing cash from an ATM: EUR, USD, GBP, or PLN. This feature helps you avoid paying a currency conversion fee if the currency on the card and the ATM diverge.

Unfortunately, it can only be issued to the European Economic Area (EEA) inhabitants, so look for choices if your nation isn’t on the list.


The card comes with a bunch of benefits;

  • Direct communication is conducted between the card and the Skrill account. Without bank transfers, inspections, or exorbitant commissions, you may have instant and quick access to your Skrill personal account cash. The balance on your Skrill MasterCard is reflected in your Skrill Account Status.
  • The card is directly linked to the user’s Skrill account, and so access is more convenient.
  • Free payment of up to €10 000 is available for Diamond status users.
  • Cash withdrawal ranging from €900 to €5 000 in a day from any ATM.
  • Anonymous online transactions are conducted where user details are hidden. Only the card number is used to complete a transaction, which is a secure online payment technique.

Very competitive fees…

  • Low fees for using a card:
    • Annual card maintenance (free for Bronze status and higher; €10 for regular),
    • Currency conversion (from 1.99% to 3.99% depending on the level),
    • Zero fees are charged for issuing cash at an ATM for VIP Silver or higher, €1.8 — for VIP Bronze, and 1.75% for customers without status.
  • Increased security is present against frauds due to the card’s two-step authentication methods.
  • When you use the Skrill Master Card, you earn Knect points, which customers can use to receive cash certificates and vouchers and additional discounts and bonus rates.
  • The card only has to be replaced every three years. The card will be active during this time. Additionally, for added security, customers can link the card to your phone number, which will receive notifications about each completed transaction, further enhancing security.

Fees and Limits for Skrill Card


  • MasterCard application: €10
  • Replacement fee: €10
  • Cash withdrawal limit: €900 per day
  • FX fee: 3.99%
  • ATM withdrawal fee: 1.75%
  • POS limit: €2,700 per day
  • Annual fee: €10


    • MasterCard application: Free
    • Replacement fee: Free
    • Cash withdrawal limit: €1,500 per day
    • FX fee: 2.89%
    • ATM withdrawal fee: Free
    • POS limit: €3000 per day
    • Annual fee: Free


    • MasterCard application: Free
    • Replacement fee: Free
    • Cash withdrawal limit: €3000 per day
    • FX fee: 2.59%
    • ATM withdrawal fee: Free
    • POS limit: €5000 per day
    • Annual fee: Free


    • MasterCard application: Free
    • Replacement fee: Free
    • Cash withdrawal limit: €5000 per day
    • FX fee: 1.99%
    • ATM withdrawal fee: Free
    • POS limit: €10,000 per day
    • Annual fee: Free

    Problems using the Skrill Card at an ATM

    The site may decline payments made with the Skrill Prepaid MasterCard ® for the following reasons:

    1. The daily limit is reached.
    2. Not enough money in the account for payment, including commissions,
    3. Restriction on the card or account,
    4. Purchase of goods with limited access.
    5. Try it again after some time or at another ATM.
    6. Log in to your Skrill account to make sure that scammers didn’t hack it.

    If nothing else works, contact the support department via the Contact Us link in your account. If you have VIP status, please contact The Skrill Help Group through email at

    Skrill Virtual MasterCard

    Virtual prepaid cards are electronically generated and delivered. You can use it to make a one-time payment or for regular transactions after you have one.

    You must first load the card with funds before you can use it to make a purchase. Once financed, the cards function similarly to a plastic card in that you make a payment by entering the 16-digit card number, security code (CVV), and expiration date.

    It allows you to make online purchases using the funds in your Skrill wallet wherever MasterCard® is accepted. Users can instantly add a virtual card to their wallet and start making payments with their Skrill money.

    Each customer’s first virtual MasterCard is free, and to order one, go to the “Skrill Card” option on the left-hand side of your Skrill Account and select “Add a card.”

    You can have many cards; however, each additional card costs 2.50 EUR on top of the annual service fee of 10 EUR.

    Benefits of using Skrill virtual cards

    1. Pay securely and discreetly: Virtual cards aren’t tied to your bank account; therefore, the payments you make with them aren’t linked to your bank account.
    2. Budget effectively: Users can download the card provider’s mobile app to receive notifications when transactions are completed.
    3. Spend wherever and however you like: Virtual prepaid cards are linked to MasterCard or Visa, making them globally acceptable.
    4. Use the currency you prefer: The virtual card is available in various currencies, and users can choose any one of them while making transactions.
    5. Pay faster: Once your application is approved, virtual cards are instantly available and ready to use. You can have one emailed to you or added to your Skrill digital wallet.