Skrill – Verification


Verification for Registered Users

Skrill allows users to verify their accounts after they have completed the registration process. When a person confirms their account, they gain access to various perks, including eliminating certain restrictions, a lower maximum transaction amount, and a higher maximum withdrawal amount.

Furthermore, validating your account is a simple operation that can secure the security of your account and, as a result, the security of your funds. Faster verification is possible when registering your Skrill account via eWR. Read more about the VIP program here.

Verification procedure

Users must supply additional information about themselves during the verification procedure, which is pretty simple.

Submission successful

Skrill Verification


Users who want to use other Verification modes can also choose to get their account verified through the Skrill App, which is available on both Google Play Store and the Apple app store.

Furthermore, users can also snap a picture of themselves instead of uploading one from their files; however, they need to ensure high quality. Their face is recognizable and the only person present in the photo.

Once the process is completed, users are automatically signed up for the VIP status program. They can enjoy the benefits of the status level they stand at according to the transactions they make.

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