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Skrill, previously known as ‘Moneybookers,’ is an online platform that allows its users to do business dealings, make payments, and transfer funds online. The company is one of the oldest in the market, with a history of over 15 years. In August 2013, the company was acquired by corporate venture capitalist PaySafe Group for 800 million USD. Hence, now both Neteller and Skrill are owned by the same group of companies.

Skrill is an e-wallet service established in 2001 in the United Kingdom and is now operant in over 120 countries, with digital wallet currencies being available in 40 coins. By 2007, the company had acquired the name of the third-largest e-payment solution service in Europe.

Customers have the option of adding funds to their e-wallet through debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and other payment methods like Neteller. Most poker sites, sportsbooks, casino operators, and forex suppliers accept Skrill as a payment provider


The Skrill VIP Program was created to provide a variety of advantages to engaged and regular users. The more transactions a user makes, the higher they go in the VIP status. Once a user has verified his account, he is automatically signed up for the VIP status. The Skrill VIP Program was created to provide a variety of advantages to active and loyal users. While transactions to other accounts are not considered toward increasing your status, any deposits made to merchants are.

To become a member, all you need is a Skrill Wallet and some money to send. The quantity of cash you moved throughout three months defined by yearly quarters determines your position. For Silver, the cut-off amount is €15 000. More substantial transactions of €45 000 will earn you Gold rank, and €90 000 will get you Diamond status.

Remember – when registering Skrill through you only need to transact € 5 000 to get Silver VIP!

Benefits of VIP Program

The program is divided into four quarters; once a user enters the program, he can enjoy the following benefits for the next whole quarter. Users will receive a range of advantages after meeting all of the conditions and achieving status. Internal transfers are free for Silver, Gold, and Diamond members.


You’ll also benefit from more oversized transfer caps and lower foreign exchange rates for Diamond, which are as low as 1.99 percent. You will also be able to use your prepaid Skrill MasterCard without a fee. VIP accounts can withdraw cash and check their balances at any ATM that displays the MasterCard brand.


For Silver and above, members will have access to dedicated support 24 hours a day, as well as personal account guidance and consultation. Withdrawal fees disappear as you pass the Skriller level and progress up to Silver, Gold, and Diamonds, and FX fees drop dramatically.

VIP Program – Fees & Limits

Skrill also allows its customers to access their accounts and keep them secure. Nonetheless, each transaction is limited by a certain amount. Each of these restrictions is determined by your account status. And your country of residency and currency exchange rate. It’s worth noting that VIP accounts have no bearing on Crypto costs, which remain at 1.5 percent for accounts in Euros and Dollars and 3 percent for accounts in all other currencies.


Limits will still apply to guarantee the customer’s safety, and their status will be the main decider. Unfortunately, severe limitations need several deposits to reach a specified amount. This time-consuming and exhausting procedure exposes you to additional fees with each transfer. One way to prevent such a time-consuming procedure is to increase your Skrill limits to the point where the site may complete a complete transfer in just a few deposits.


You will be able to benefit from this by improving your status. The more deposits you make, the closer your account gets to the next level of VIP, and the greater your deposit limitations become.

Skrill VIP Levels – Requirements

You can choose from four different Skrill VIP levels. Your VIP status will increase as you make more transfers from Skrill to merchants. The FX fee you must pay for currency exchanges, and the number of various currency accounts you can have are the key differences between the different Skrill VIP levels. All upgrading requirements and subsequent advantages are subject to the quarterly rollover system’s time constraints.


Skrill is the best option for quick and safe transfers from any device. Not only will your account allow you to avoid many of the fees that other banks charge, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of a range of incentives as you progress through the VIP program. Your account will be promoted automatically within 24 hours once you’ve reached the required transfer volume for the next VIP level.

Fees & Limits Skriller Silver Gold Diamond
Minimum Transaction n/a €15 000 €45 000 €90 000
After registering via eWalletsReview n/a €5 000* €15 000* €45 000*
ATM Withdrawal Fee 1.75% Free Free Free
ATM Limit (per day) €900 €1 500 €3 000 €5 000
Foreign Exchange Fee 3.99% 2.89% 2.59% 1.99%
POS Limit (per day) €2 700 €3 000 €5 000 €10 000

VIP Status Calculation

Every day, your VIP status is calculated and changed. The amount you deposited from your Skrill account to all merchants in the previous three months determines your VIP level. Please remember that even if a merchant is not part of the Skrill Loyalty Club, all transfers to that merchant contribute toward the VIP calculation. See the following example that describes the status calculation:


It’s February 15th, and you’re aiming for Skrill gold VIP status. Add up the amount you transferred from November 16th until now in your Skrill Transaction History. If you achieve 41,000 EUR (or the equivalent in your account currency), you must send an additional 4,000 EUR the next day to become a Skrill gold VIP. To keep your new Skrill gold VIP status, make sure you transact the required amount of 45,000 EUR the next quarter.

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