ecoPayz – Fees and Limits



Some costs are charged throughout a variety of investment practices. Any activity involving money, whether you are depositing or withdrawing funds through your eco Account, will be subject to a set of fees.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

  • A fee of 0% to 8.5% is charged upon deposits through bank transfer.
  • Silver status account holders may transfer funds to other ecoPayz users for a mere 1.5% commission.
  • Gold status users hold the opportunity of depositing funds into their accounts free of any deposit fee.
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Deposit fees

Withdrawal Fees and Money Transfers

No Registration Fee

Unlike some ewallet service providers, ecoPayz doesn’t charge its users any registration fee, no matter what status they are standing on;

The table above shows possible additional costs that may or may not be charged to the users, according to the position they hold. Needless to say, your fees will get lower the higher VIP status you hold. Enjoy instant Gold VIP when registering your ecoPayz account via now!


User eco account limits are entirely reliant upon the status they have. These limits are usually put in place to ensure user accounts’ safety and the funds they hold in them.

  • The maximum value of balance that a Silver status account can hold totals to €15 000.
  • The maximum balance amount for Gold status account holders is more than six times that of Silver status holders. Instant Gold VIP will therefore come in handy for high rollers and VIP players.

Account Limits

Deposit Limits

Transfer Limits

ecoPayz MasterCard Limits

Your financial standing governs your MasterCard limits. Caps are commonly used to help maintain the security of your account and the funds it holds, but they can rapidly become a hassle and ultimately impose higher charges.

Card restrictions can take a limit on the amount of money that customers can withdraw and the maximum number of withdrawals that can be used to complete the transaction.

  • Every status allows the users to make ten daily ATM visits.
  • The maximum value set for the Silver status holders is €250. When users need to make higher-valued withdraws, they need to split the total amount into smaller portions.

As a result, more fee is charged upon every withdrawal. This additional charge is because the withdrawal fee for every transaction is set at 2%.

To avoid this hassle, users can upgrade their status to Gold, VIP, or Platinum. This process will increase the maximum withdrawal amount to €1 500 for ATM and €11 000 on shops and e-commerce websites. See more about the VIP levels at this page

ecoPayz MasterCard Limits – eWR exclusive!

ecoPayz’s client perks gets better the higher VIP status you have. It is concentrated on Gold VIP status limits because this is the status that all eWR clients can obtain immediately after their ecoPayz verification.

Instead of meeting the standard requirements of 250 000 EUR for regular users, ecoPayz VIP (the highest ecoPayz status) can be upgraded after only 10 000 EUR in merchant deposits when registering your ecoPayz account via eWR!

Your MasterCard limits will be substantially increased when you reach higher VIP levels. Read more about the ecoPayz MasterCard here

Increasing ecoPayz Limits with eWO

Users may substantially optimize their ecoPayz account and gain additional benefits by combining it with the eWO program. All they have to do is register an account on ecoPayz’s official website by following this link and follow a few easy steps. Next, they need to finish the account verification process that involves users providing proof of their identity through identity cards, passports, or driving licenses and their residency verification through utility bills, residency certificates, or bank statements. The account will then be upgraded to ecoPayz Gold immediately after verification, with lower costs and higher limits.

Furthermore, as an eWO client, users can obtain the highest ecoPayz VIP status for only 10,000 EUR in transactions instead of 250,000 EUR for other users.

Eco Virtual Card Limits

ecoPayz allows its users to create an eco-Virtual card, a virtual card directly linked to your ecoPayz account, for only €1.80. This feature is a one-time use card that will be automatically cancelled once your purchase is completed. This step ensures that your money won’t be stolen or misplaced.

The same regulations apply to the ecoPayz virtual card as they do to the physical card. Customers from Europe can only use the card, and you must have a fully confirmed account. Virtual cards are intended to give an extra layer of security to your account by allowing you to use them only once before having to create a new one.

The eco Virtual card has daily limits, which increase according to the daily transactions and activities users carry out.

    1. Maximum Single Transaction: Users can make a certain amount of daily transactions, depending upon their VIP status;
    • Silver: €700
    • Gold: €700
    • Platinum: €1000
    • VIP: €1000
        1. Maximum Number of Cards per day:
        • Silver: 3
        • Gold: 4
        • Platinum: 5
        • VIP: 5
            1. Maximum Number of Cards per month:
            • Silver: 30
            • Gold: 40
            • Platinum: 40
            • VIP: 40