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The ecoPayz MasterCard is a prepaid MasterCard plastic card that accepts contactless deposits. You can use the contactless feature without entering your PIN code for purchases up to € 50. Your spending will be limited to the amounts presently available in your ecoPayz account, as with all prepaid cards. This message means you won’t be able to use your ecoPayz MasterCard to get credit.


Your financial standing governs your MasterCard limits. Caps are commonly used to help maintain the security of your account and the funds it holds, but they can rapidly become a hassle and ultimately impose higher charges.

Card restrictions can take a limit on the amount of money that customers can withdraw and the maximum number of withdrawals that can be used to complete the transaction.


You need an ecoPayz account that is valid and verified to order an ecoPayz MasterCard. Customers can achieve the card following a few easy steps;


The eco Virtual Card is ideal for people who want more protection or anonymity. It can be produced anytime you need it as a throwaway virtual card and used as a one-time payment intermediary for any of your more sensitive transactions.


ecoPayz allows its users to create an eco-Virtual card, a virtual card directly linked to your ecoPayz account, for only €1.80. This feature is a one-time use card that will be automatically cancelled once your purchase is completed. This step ensures that your money won’t be stolen or misplaced.

The same regulations apply to the ecoPayz virtual card as they do to the physical card. Customers from Europe can only use the card, and you must have a fully confirmed account. Virtual cards are intended to give an extra layer of security to your account by allowing you to use them only once before having to create a new one.

The eco Virtual card has daily limits, which increase according to the daily transactions and activities users carry out. Read more about fees & limits for ecoPayz here

Card Expiry Time: 12 months for all VIP status holders.

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