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Jeton Wallet is a payments start-up based in the United Kingdom. Jeton users may quickly make online payments and deposit and withdraw funds using country-specific payment alternatives. It enables companies to offer a seamless checkout process using local payment options.


Jeton is becoming increasingly popular among bookmakers and casinos as a deposit and withdrawal method, due to their low fees and fast transactions


Jeton is a well-known e-wallet payment option that is suitable for quick and secure online money transfers. This e-wallet is compatible with Bitcoin and enables speedy processing, deposits, and withdrawals, as well as fee-free transfers. Jeton can be downloaded through the Google Play Store or the App Store.


After that, online casino players can make deposits and withdrawals from various online casinos using their mobile devices.


Jeton enables users to make payments and withdraw monies simply and quickly, including instant banking. Jeton accepts payments in more than 200 countries and 27 currencies. Jeton is similar to real money, but it is superior.


Jeton Wallet is currently accessible in 43 countries. Jeton is a one-stop solution for all of your transactional needs, whether you wish to send, receive, or exchange money.


It is accepted as a payment method by Betway, 10cric, Comeon, Betsson, Betsafe, Coolbet and most other betting sites.


Jeton is one of the most well-known digital payment companies in Europe and the rest of the globe. It’s appropriate for all types of businesses and provides clients with a variety of payment options.


1. Reduced fees

Jeton charges significantly cheaper transaction fees than other major payment gateway providers.

2. Enhancing Your Customer Service

With a simple settlement filer, fast reporting, and reconciliation, we can make it simple to receive payments.


Cart abandonment is most common on mobile due to insufficient and unclear checkout designs and slow website or app performance.


Jeton’s mobile-friendly and quick-checkout features help you reduce the number of abandoned checkouts.


Customer experience is essential in today’s environment, and Jeton can assist online firms in improving their cross-border settlements. We ensure that every business and its customers receive the attention they deserve with 24-hour account management and bilingual client assistance.

3. More than 50 different currencies are supported.

Every year, cross-border eCommerce grows, and by 2020, it is estimated to be worth about $1 trillion. More and varied purchasers are likely to visit your website as a result of this.


When you choose Jeton for your shopping cart, you’ll be able to access and handle transactions in over 50 currencies throughout the world.


Multi-currency support allows your consumers to pay in their preferred local currency instead of being forced to pay in international currencies that incur a conversion fee.

4. Improved Safety and Security

Jeton protects sensitive payment data with security technologies such as encryption and tokenization, compliant with PCI DSS Level 1 and 2 Factor Authentication.


Security is fundamental to our clients and partners. We take pleasure in being fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) and delivering superior online payment security to our consumers.


As an electronic money institution, we are obligated to “safeguard” the money we receive from customers like you.


As a result, any funds received from customers are deposited into a separate client money bank account with a sizeable worldwide bank.


Safeguarding protects you because it guarantees that if we go bankrupt, our customers’ claims against us will be paid out first, from our dedicated client money bank accounts, before any other claims against us.


The Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not insure your funds because we are an electronic money institution rather than a bank. This fact is because it is protected instead.

When you spend your money, paid out on your behalf, our obligations to “safeguard” it expires.

5. Simple Settlements with Real-Time Information Data

Jeton requires no coding knowledge to integrate into your website. Jeton may be enabled with just one contract and integration, making it simple to manage and maintain.


And, if you require something specific, we can create custom integrations for you.

6. A wide range of payment options is available.

Customers can pay with credit cards, debit cards, a range of local payment methods, and an instant bank transfer using Jeton without ever leaving your website. Allowing your consumers to use their preferred payment method increases the likelihood of completing their transaction and checking out.


To be abel to fully utilize every function of the Jeton Wallet, you would have to verify your account.

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