Skrill – Bonus and Rewards


Skrill Bonus/ Rewards

Skrill, formerly known as ‘Moneybookers,’ is an online platform that allows users to do business, make payments, and transfer funds over the internet. With a history of almost 15 years, the company is one of the market’s oldest.

Skrill is an e-wallet service that began in the United Kingdom in 2001 and is now available in more than 120 countries, offering digital wallet currencies in 40 different currencies. Customers can deposit monies into their e-wallet via debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and other payment options such as Neteller.

Skrill Affiliate Program

Skrill’s payment services are widely used in online gaming and commerce. With a Skrill account, you may access renowned bookmakers, casinos, poker rooms, and gaming sites. You can make your betting and gaming payments quickly and anonymously, as well as take advantage of special offers and incentives.

Bloggers, forum leaders, and website owners who bring new clients to Skrill can join the Skrill Affiliate Program. When the users spend money online, a Skrill affiliate makes money.

The Skrill Affiliate Program makes it simple to earn money. When your clients sign up for Skrill and deposit cash at a merchant (casino, betting, poker, or Forex), you get a commission. Your commission revenue depends upon how active your related users are and how many transactions they make.

Affiliate commissions are deposited directly into the affiliate’s Skrill account. The Skrill referral report, which displays new referrals and earned Skrill commissions, can track referred Skrill clients and earnings.

Affiliate schemes that benefit both parties provide you a 20% income share and the opportunity to double your commissions. Skrill can help you optimize your business by combining the site’s conversion skills, our specialized team, and a vast library of materials.

However, there is a better way of making money promoting the Skrill brand via an affiliate program.

Better alternative? Benefits of joining the eWallet-Optimizer Partner Program

  1. eWallet-Optimizer has a partner program that rewards users referring users, who transfer money to merchants frequently. Users that deposit in the casino, poker, Forex, or sportsbook with Skrill can be elevated to Skrill VIP after meeting a quarterly barrier.
  2. You share your affiliate account and tracking link with your network of potential Skrill customers once you have one. You will receive a commission from their deposits at an online casino, poker room, forex broker, online gaming, gambling, and other sites when they join up for Skrill wallet.
  3. eWallet-Optimizer will give you a better revenue share deal than you get with Skrill directly.

The affiliated users can:

  • Track your users’ activities
  • Receive revenue share from Skrill deposits at online merchants
  • Lifetime commission
  • Exclusive offers via eWO
  1. If you bring in new accounts with more considerable deposits, users can discuss the revenue split. Skrill receives 100 EUR in net revenue if a client deposits 2,000 EUR to a 5% arrangement with the Skrill website. Skrill then distributesa given percentage of the total amount of 100 EUR to eWO, who then in turn give you a larger revenue share than you would have gotten from Skrill directly.

By developing a network of people who open Skrill accounts and use them for online deposits, you can earn a consistent income as a Skrill affiliate via eWallet-Optimizer. If you choose a lifetime revenue deal, the company will repay your deposit with a lengthy income transfer to your wallet. Request your Skrill affiliate offer today by clicking here