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ecoPayz is a digital transaction systems provider that serves industries in 159 countries and 45 currencies worldwide. It was founded in 2000 and was known as Eco Card until 2013. It deals in both physical and virtual prepaid cards. ecoPayz is a brand of PSI-Pay Ltd, an FCA-regulated firm that provides a quick, secure, and private way to send and receive money around the world, as well as personalized virtual and physical card programs for businesses and people.

This payment tool allows you to make immediate transactions to the business of your preference, whether you’re a gamer, gambler, or trader. The list includes poker rooms, casinos, betting sites, and brokers, among others, to give you a wide range of options for how you want to conduct your money transfer. In 2013 ecoPayz underwent a rebrand as they changed from Eco Card to ecoPayz. The new brand included Eco Account, Eco Card, eco Virtual card, ecoPayz Business Account and ecoPayz Merchant account. The company launched a mobile version of the site that same year.

Today, ecoPayz is one of the most renowned e-wallet platforms that exists and has been providing safe and fast money-moving options to millions of users for more than a decade. Enjoy this thorough review of ecoPayz!

How to register an account

The process of registering for an ecoPayz account is relatively straightforward. Users can create a new account by following a few steps listed below:


Some costs are charged throughout a variety of investment practices. Any activity involving money, whether you are depositing or withdrawing funds

through your eco Account, will be subject to a set of fees. These are usually related to the amount of money involved and your level of loyalty.

Deposit Fee

Registration Fee

Unlike other e-wallet service providers, ecoPayz doesn’t charge its users any registration fee, no matter their status.

The table below shows other possible fees that may or may not be charged to the users, according to the status they hold:

Deposit fees

Withdrawal Fees and Money Transfers


User eco account limits are entirely reliant upon the status they have. These limits are usually put in place to ensure user accounts’ safety and the funds they hold in them.

Remember – registering an account via this link will get you exclusive VIP perks, like instant Gold VIP status!

Account Limits

Deposit Limits

Transfer Limits


Your financial standing governs your MasterCard limits. Caps are commonly used to help maintain the security of your account and the funds it holds, but they can rapidly become a hassle and ultimately impose higher charges.

Card restrictions can take the form of a limit on the amount of money that users can withdraw and a maximum number of withdrawals that can be used to complete the transaction. Read more about ecoPayz MasterCard in this article.


ecoPayz has a very user-friendly interface; however, not everyone is aware that the platform’s capabilities are greatly enhanced after verification. To take advantage of all of ecoPayz’s features, you should complete the ecoPayz account verification process as soon as possible after registering.

Users can verify their eco Account by following a few easy steps:

The next step asks the users to upload a clear image of their face. They can either choose to take a picture at that moment with the camera or upload a previously stored image from their gallery. The image needs to be clear and must fully show the user’s face from a straight angle so that it’s easier for the site to scan the image.


Please remember that when registering your account via ewalletsreview, you will get instant Gold VIP after verification. In addition, you will get huge reductions in VIP account requirements, where you only need to transact € 10 000 to get to the highest VIP level.


One of the most significant concerns users has while using online e-wallet platforms like ecoPayz is the fear of their funds being stolen or fraud being committed against their accounts. Users are highly concerned about the security of their accounts and the funds present within them.

To make user accounts fully secure, ecoPayz has introduced a method called Two-Factor Authentication.

Every time a user logs into their eco account, a one-time code is generated and sent to the user’s attached email address or phone number. The user must enter this six-digit code to gain access to the account, and without it, the user cannot enter into the version.

This feature makes the user accounts hack-free and even harder to gain access to, making user funds much more secure.

Read more about ecoPayz account security on this page.


You can deposit funds on your ecoPayz Account by using one of the following methods:

The deposit fee may vary according to every country and its corresponding currency. Read about the different fees and limits for ecoPayz here.


To withdraw a certain amount, users need to apply for the withdrawal by sending a request on the 24/7 open platform. After logging in to your eco account, users must select the ‘Withdrawing funds’ option to generate a withdrawal request. The request takes three business days to process, and payments can take up to 5 business days to reach your bank account.

Payments can be withdrawn through bank transfer, credit/ debit cards, and through an ATM with the ecoPayz MasterCard. Furthermore, users can also withdraw funds by transferring them to other e-wallets like Skrill. Read about the different fees and limits for ecoPayz here.


ecoPayz allows its daily users many unique benefits according to the number of daily transactions they make and the number of funds they transfer. The statuses are as follows;

The users need to follow some steps to reach new status levels; the higher the group, the more benefits the users can enjoy. By reaching different level statuses, users can enjoy more and more benefits, for example, on the maximum limit of funds that users can store in the e-wallet. Read more about the different VIP levels here.

Increasing ecoPayz Limits with eWalletsReview

Users may substantially optimize their ecoPayz account and gain additional benefits by combining it with the eWalletsReview exclusive VIP deal. All they have to do is register an account on ecoPayz’s official website by following this link and follow a few easy steps. Next, they need to finish the account verification process that involves users providing proof of their identity through identity cards, passports, or driving licenses and their residency verification through utility bills, residency certificates, or bank statements. The account will then be upgraded to ecoPayz Gold immediately after verification, with lower costs and higher limits.

Furthermore, as an eWalletsReview client, users can obtain the highest ecoPayz VIP status for only 10,000 EUR in transactions instead of 250,000 EUR for other users. Read more about the different VIP levels here.


All newly registered eco pay account users come under this status, and they need to be registered to earn the Classic level.


Users need to complete the verification process to get the Silver status.

Gold (instant via eWR!)

To reach the Gold status, users need to;


To reach the Platinum level status, users need to;


to reach the VIP level status, users need to;


For users that want to get the most out of every purchase you make with your ecoPayz account or Eco Account, the ecoPayz MasterCard is unquestionably the best option to go with.

The ecoPayz MasterCard will assist in making online or offline purchases of up to €5,500 a day and daily ATM cash withdrawals of as much as €750.

ecoPayz Master Cards operate on a unique principle that sets its tariffs regardless of your account status. Read more about the fees on the ecoPayz MasterCard on the official ecoPayz website.


ecoPayz launched its app in 2014, which gave customers the option of using their accounts 24/7 on any device. The ecoPayz application is a user-friendly app available on both the Google Play Store and Apple app store. The app is easy to use, especially for active users in their daily dealings.

The app allows users to;

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