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Neteller is a mobile and PC application that acts as a digital wallet. Through this app, you can make online payments, transfer funds, make purchases, and keep track of your transactions, all in one place. Neteller was launched in 1999 and previously only operated in a few countries. However, it’s operant in over 200 countries and has millions of daily users who rely on the app for their everyday dealings. The app lets its users transfer money to over 180 countries worldwide through a fast and secure network that’s a lot quicker and convenient than conventional banking apps, which make daily businesses quite a hassle. Furthermore, Neteller allows the users to select from within 22 different currencies while making transactions

Neteller, whose parent company is Optimal Payments, now has bought Skrill as well, another digital wallet platform, and so Neteller users can now easily link the two applications. This link allows the users to fund their Neteller wallet through Skrill or their Skrill account through the Neteller wallet without any trouble.

In short, the Neteller is an app that acts as a single platform that combines all your resources, your debit cards, credit cards, and bank account all in one place; from here, you can transfer these funds just with an email address.


To create a new Neteller account, the users can log onto the Neteller website. The homepage gives users the option to either create a new account or sign in to existing accounts. Once you click on the ‘create a new account’ option, the site presents you with a form asking for basic details.

Firstly, you need to enter your first and last name, along with other personal details like the user’s house address, date of birth, gender, and phone number. The phone number should be valid, as the website asks users to verify it by sending a one-time pin on that phone number to confirm the entered details to ensure the user’s account’s security. Next, the form asks for the country you are signing up from, and the users can choose from over 200 countries around the globe.

The following field asks for the currency that the user wants the wallet to be in. The dropbox presents users to opt from 30 currencies, including the dollar, euro, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, etc. One thing to remember here is that users cannot change their currency preference once it has been chosen; hence they need to be careful here. After that, the users need to enter the email addresses they want to associate with their Neteller wallet, and after that, they’re asked to choose a strong password to protect the account. The password needs to contain one capital letter, one numerical digit and needs to be longer than eight characters so that Neteller can ensure security. Once the users have confirmed their email addresses, they’re free to use the Neteller wallet and can get to making transactions instantly.


Different Fees for Different actions

Customers using Neteller as your e-wallet comes with some fees as well. There are numerous ways for users to deposit transactions: MasterCard, visa card, and Epay, to name a few. The deposit fee for all these alternatives stands at a constant rate of 2.5%. However, if an amount of USD 20,000 or more is being deposited into the account, the deposit fee rate is not applicable and automatically gets canceled out.

The rates for money withdrawal fees, on the other hand, are a bit more complex and different. Five different withdrawal fees can apply to variant users according to their preferences.

Neteller Fees

Lower Fees for Higher VIP accounts

The limits of cash withdrawal vary according to the type of account a user may have. For instance, users having an unverified Neteller account can withdraw money ranging from USD 20 to USD 2,500 on credit card transactions and USD 5,000 to 50,000 in the case of Neteller to Neteller transfers. On the other hand, users with a verified Neteller account can make deposits up to USD 15,000 on credit cards and USD 50,000 on Neteller to Neteller transfers.


Once you have become a Neteller user, you’ll need to keep the account as secure as possible. There are two ways that users can ensure security for their Neteller e-wallets;

Through the Neteller website:

Neteller Account Verification
Neteller Account Verification
Neteller Account Verification
Neteller Account Verification
Neteller Account Verification
Neteller Account Verification
Neteller Account Verification
Neteller Account Verification

Through the Neteller Mobile App:

Neteller Account Verification
Neteller Account Verification


Neteller uses the PaySafe software to ensure the safety and security of its users and their data. The software practices two-step authentication, making the account more secure and not accessible for hackers to hack into. The website provides its users with a code every time they log in, and the code keeps changing every 30 seconds, subsequently making user funds more protected.


Neteller allows its users to deposit money into their wallets through various ways, each suiting individual users; this includes;


There are over 35 options that users can use for withdrawing their funds, each having similar withdrawal fee rates. The most popular ones include:


The Neteller VIP program consists of five stages that users can reach by satisfying a set of rules and regulations that each stage requires. After every successful transaction, you get closer to the next stage of the VIP program, and each stage comes with more and more benefits and perks for the users, including reduced withdrawal costs, increased limits, and a lot more. Once a user verifies his account, he is automatically added to the VIP program and can enjoy the benefits at each transaction he makes using the Neteller e-wallet.
The stages of this program are listed here:


Neteller Master Card

Neteller MasterCard: fees, virtual deposit card and limits | Baxity

The card allows chip-based transactions at any ATM that deals with MasterCard. In addition to this, the chips installed in these cards, along with the pin code, provide more security to user funds and personal information. They are harder to get a hold of, and there are fewer chances of anyone misusing the user’s credentials.
Furthermore, there is no month–to–a month or annual charges associated with the Neteller Net+ Prepaid MasterCard, and users don’t even have to pay a fee if they don’t use your card for a while, in the form of an inactivity fee.

The Neteller virtual card is another great alternative for users who don’t want to rely on physical cards. It’s wholly virtual and works in the same way as a debit card while shopping online.
By opting for this option, users have less to worry about misplacing the card, and this option is even more secure as no pick-pocket can get a hold of your card in any case. Additionally, the virtual card isn’t linked to any credit card, making it even more challenging for users to become prey to fraud.

Neteller MasterCard: fees, virtual deposit card and limits | Baxity

Neteller Master Card

With technology taking over the world, everything has become virtual as people become increasingly reliant on their mobile phones. Thus, having a mobile app is essential, especially for users who use Neteller for everyday transactions and need easy access to their funds.
The Neteller mobile app allows its users to transfer funds, withdraw cash and receive capital in a few easy steps, at any time from anywhere around the globe. The app is easy to use, user-friendly and has a catchy theme that makes day-to-day dealings child’s play for Neteller clients. Furthermore, the app is available on both the Google play store and the IOS App store, hence easy access for all mobile users.

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