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Skrill, previously known as ‘Moneybookers,’ is an online platform that allows its users to do business dealings, make payments, and transfer funds online. The company is one of the oldest in the market, with a history of over 15 years. In August 2013, the company was acquired by corporate venture capitalist PaySafe Group for 800 million USD. Hence, now both Neteller and Skrill are owned by the same group of companies.

Skrill is an e-wallet service established in 2001 in the United Kingdom and is now operant in over 120 countries, with digital wallet currencies being available in 40 currencies. By 2007, the company had acquired the name of the third-largest e-payment solution service in Europe.

Customers have the option of adding funds to their e-wallet through debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and other payment methods like Neteller.  The majority of poker sites, sportsbooks, casino operators, and forex suppliers accept Skrill as a payment provider.

Skrill is also one of the most frequently used ewallets among VIP players due to their excellent VIP offers.

How to register an account

Registering for a Skrill account is a free of cost process, and all you need is a working email address and phone number by following the listed steps:

Skrill second registration step


There are many different types of fees eligible on your Skrill account, depending upon the kind of services you’re using Skrill for. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand all the fee that’s applicable on your account before beginning the transferring process. It is also important to be aware that the different Skrill fees willl decrease depending on your Skrill VIP level. Read about the Skrill VIP program and exclusive offeres here.

Depositing Fee

In order to start using your e-wallet, it’s necessary for users to top-up the account first and deposits some funds into the e-wallet. The depositing fee depends upon the method that the user has chosen to add funds.

Furthermore, the fee is also dependent upon the country that you’re depositing from, as the fee rate varies from country to country.

Withdrawal Fee

Withdrawal alternatives offered by the Skrill, as well as any transaction choices accessible, vary based on the country and currency in which they are conducted. Some countries only allow a limited amount of a certain currency to be extracted at a time, and so the withdrawal fee varies.

The most frequent withdrawal fees are listed in the table, broken down country by country.

Prepaid MasterCard® Fees

One of the best advantages of having a Skrill account is the option of Skrill Prepaid MasterCard. This card allows users to withdraw money from ATMs and transfer funds, make transactions, and make payments all over the world. Although the card isn’t operant in all countries yet, it is permissible to be used in over 31 countries.

Withdrawal costs, like any other site activity, are determined by the account’s VIP status and are listed in the table below.

Read about the Skrill MasterCard in this article.

Crypto Fees

The Skrill website has its own real-time cryptocurrency market available that allows users to make transactions through crypto as well. This is an excellent way for any crypto trader, whether skilled or inexperienced, to keep track of all their investments and earnings. Unlike other types of transactions, the deposit and withdrawal costs associated with buying and selling cryptocurrencies are solely determined by the value of the transfer rather than your VIP level, but the latter will still be used to determine your account status.

This increases the value of any cryptocurrency transactions by allowing you to benefit from your transaction in a variety of ways.

The main limitation is that bitcoin trading is currently limited to inhabitants of the European Economic Area (EEA) that consists of 31 countries. The following are the rates for cryptocurrency transactions:

Administrative Fees

Administrative fees represent the costs incurred by the billing system in resolving financing or refund issues, as well as any user payment error, attempted fraud using bogus data, or any other banned transactions. The details for administrative fees applicable are shown below:

Conversion / FX Fees

Skrill provides its users the option of transferring payments in over 40 currencies, and so when the payments fail to match the original currency that the user had opted for, some conversion fee is charged on the amount.

Skrill accounts have lately become multi-currency, a development that has drastically reduced linked charges. Still, cards can only be issued in the single available currency (EUR), resulting in surcharges at some ATMs.


When cash is received or transferred from your bank account, limits are applied on everything from transactions to merchants and internet businesses to outright cash withdrawals. Financial Institutions and digital currencies alike engage in this behavior, and Skrill is no different. It works on a similar principle, putting limits on transfers based on predetermined parameters.

Maximum Deposit Limit

Accounts that have not yet been authenticated are subject to a maximum limit set by their country of residency. When combining together all deposit fees, withdrawal fee, and transfer fee, the maximum account balance for unverified accounts is a total of €2,500.

Users that reside in countries part of the EU/EEA (European Union/European Economic Area) will have their maximum deposit limit according to their own currency (Euro).

Non-members, on the other hand, will have a limit as low as 135 USD for unverified accounts.

Prepaid MasterCard Limit

The Skrill MasterCard has payment restrictions set in almost the same way that ordinary account deposits and withdrawals do.

The limits for Prepaid MasterCard holding users vary according to their VIP status:


Skrill offers its users the option of verifying their account once they have fully registered. Verifying one’s account allows them to enjoy many benefits ranging from removal of certain limits, reduced maximum transaction amount, and an increase in maximum withdrawal amount. Read an in-depth article about Skrill verification here.

Furthermore, verifying your account is an easy process and can ensure your account’s safety, hence ensuring your fund’s safety.

The verification process is relatively straightforward and only demands users to provide additional information about themselves;

Skrill Verification
Skrill Verification
Skrill Verification
Skrill Verification
Skrill Verification
Skrill Verification
Skrill Verification
Skrill Verification

Once fully verified you will be able to fully utilize all the different Skrill features available, with the exclusive VIP offers available from eWR.


The Skrill website’s security can be checked through the following points:


Skrill allows its users to make deposits in several ways, including the traditional band transfer, credit debit card, crypto, and transfer from other Neteller or Skrill accounts as well.

In addition to this, Skrill users can withdraw funds through the Prepaid MasterCard too which is usable on all ATMs.


The Skrill VIP Program was created to provide a variety of advantages to engaged and regular users. The more transactions a user makes, the higher they go in the VIP status. Once a user has verified his account, he is automatically signed up for the VIP status.

The program is divided into four quarters; once a user enters the program, he can enjoy the following benefits for the next whole quarter.

NETELLER, Skrill Prepaid Mastercard Only Available in SEPA Countries | PokerNews


Skrill Prepaid MasterCard ® is a contactless card, which means that before any write-off, the account balance is requested. The card comes with a bunch of benefits;


For users that make daily transactions and need easy access to their e-wallet, the Skrill mobile application is a good option.

The app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App stores and makes daily dealings much easier.

Skrill Balance & Transaction History

Skrill Balance & Transaction History

Skrill Balance & Transaction History

Skrill Withdrawal Options
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